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Laying Pavers for a Walkway
( Make the bed for the bricks )

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Make the bed for Pavers - How lay block paving - Crushed Stone

Make the bed for pavers
( Lay the pavers )

The gravel and compaction:


It is time to make loading crushed stone 0-3/4".


Paving compaction - Tamper for paving - Paver Building Plan

Walkway with pavers
( Do it yourself Plan )

The stone dust and compaction:

Depending on the depth of your excavation, fill 15" of crushed stone 0-3/4".


Leveling paver bed - Bricks pavers - Pathway paver

Leveling bed
( Tamp it down )

The gravel and compaction:

Compact the material.


Line level for Paving Project - Paved entrance

Paved entrance
( Building Plan )

The stone dust and compaction:

Tend to take the line level.


Line level - Take the level using a line level - Paved Garden Walkway

Paved Garden Walkway
( Making sure it's level )

The gravel and compaction:

Take the level using a line level available in all good hardware.

Recovered Paver Bricks - Geotextile fabric - How lay block paving DIY

Recovered Paver Bricks
( The geotextile fabric )

The stone dust and compaction:

Installing geotextile over the gravel
0-3/4 ".

The geotextile fabric must go back to the top along the sides of the border.

Rent Plate Compactor - Walkway with pavers - Compacting soil

Walkway with pavers
( Rent Plate Compactor )

The gravel and compaction:

A little stone dust to stabilize the geotextile fabric.

Renting a small Plate compactor for compacting soil.

Installing concrete pavers - Screeding - The gravel and compaction

Installing concrete pavers
( Screeding )

The stone dust and compaction:

Adding stone dust and upgrade.

Use a beam and depositing on the surface for the level.

Drag a board the length of the area.

Level the stone dust by using the board as a rake.

DIY Garden Pavers - How to buils a bed for pavers - Block paving

DIY Garden Pavers
( Bed for the pavers )

The gravel and compaction:

Well compacted stone dust will give stability to the pavers.


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